Thursday, September 24, 2009


On August 27, the ELUA agreed to a huge step in securing the character of our neighborhoods, collectively known as "Area 1".

Area 1 is truly a unique area. Approximately 60% of the land is presently occupied, with rural lots of mostly one dwelling per 2.5 acres, and some with 1 dwelling per acre. It is a traditional rural area, with deep arroyos, ridgelines, and hundreds of acres of scenic land in the foothills west of the City.

The ELUA listened intently to the Area 1 Residents' concerns, and adopted an alternative zoning more in line with the existing rural character of the neighborhoods of 1 unit per acre, with a dedicated Community Planning process to follow. There will be more work to be done, and we hope everyone will stay engaged in this process.

The County has posted a video of the August 27 hearing, you have to scroll down, past BCC meetings , etc, to find the August 27 ELUA video: