Sunday, October 4, 2009


There is a highly important public meeting Tuesday, October 6, about future interchanges and development along the 599 Bypass corridor - see details here.

During the various meetings we attended this summer during the Zoning hearings, there were references made to future changes and added access points along 599. We were assured no decisions had been made, but an Editorial in today's Santa Fe New Mexican raised alarm bells:

"(Years ago) A citizens' committee was convened to determine which of three concentric half-circles would be chosen. Sensibly enough, according to recent folklore, knowing the expansive nature of the community leaders of the time, they chose the farthest-out line. The committee went ignored — while, cashing in on inside information, a few local prominences became wealthier overnight on their purchases of land in the path of the route now being driven.

But not wealthy enough, it seemed: Having secured the line to their liking, they began pressuring the politicians they'd bought with campaign contributions to turn what was proposed as a safer alternative road for Carlsbad-bound nuclear waste into a commercial strip — replete with gas stations on every corner, and strip malls to follow"

Lots of that ambitious thinking was thwarted, or at least delayed, as planning-conscious community activists gained stronger voices in the political process — but don't be surprised when the first gas station/convenience market pops up, then another and another ... "

A primary concern is the obvious possible continuation of the new Siler Road extension all the way to 599; along with other north-south connections. These connections would obviously be attractive to the developers looking to build in the un-developed areas of Area 1.

Stay informed! Please plan to attend at 5 PM this Tuesday, October 6, Genoveva Chavez Community Center located at 3221 Rodeo Road.

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