Sunday, July 5, 2009


We hope everyone had a festive and safe Fourth of July Holiday weekend. Now, time to get back to work.

First up, the second of three "Community Meetings" about the City annexation and pending zoning and density changes. Monday's meeting is at the Southside Library, 6599 Jaguar Drive.

Monday, July 6
Open House: 4 - 5:30 PM
Presentation/Discussion: 5:30-7 PM
Monday, July 13Open House: 4-5:30 PM
Presentation/Discussion: 5:30-7 PM

IF YOU CAN NOT ATTEND, PLEASE WRITE/CALL OR EMAIL THE MEMBERS OF THE ELUA. This commission will meet in August to pass a City Ordinance that will allow INCREASED DENSITIES OF UP TO 5 UNITS PER ACRE, among many other devastating changes to our rural neighborhood.

Here are the members of the ELUA:Rosemary Romero (city)Miguel Chavez (city)Carmichael Dominguez (city)Virginia Vigil (county)Harry Montoya (chair/county)Liz Stefanics (county)Kathy Holian (county)

In case you missed it, among the many problems the City is facing (a budget that is not sustainable, cuts in services, etc) last week it was recommended that the City needs to increase sewer fees by 47%; this is just another hidden cost that we will absorb if annexed by the City.)

See you Monday!

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