Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We are receiving lots of inquiries from concerned residents of Area 1 asking how to help. Time is short, but we can make a difference.

Contact Councilor Bushee, she is on the Regional Planning Authority and may be our next City Coincilor: , 955-2345.

Write a letter to the editor at the Santa Fe New Mexican, here is a direct link to submitt a letter.

Tell your friends and neighbors and have them call and write and attend the next meetings. City and County officials will take notice if we assemble large turnouts, there is power in numbers.

The ELUC is scheduled to adopt the new Ordinance on August 13, ELUA on August 27. 30 days later, the City takes control EVEN THOUGH WE WILL NOT BE FORMALLY ANNEXED FOR 2-3 YEARS.

Please mark your calendars now attend the August meetings. There will be public discussion. Another great turn-out would go a long way towards assisting our cause. You can also take a moment now to contact the Committee Members:

Stay tuned, more to come.

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  1. recently attended Santa Fe County Commissioner Virginia Vigil's town-hall meeting, addressing the Rural Residential Zoning District. Prior, she'd stated: "It will be a specific focus: Identify three alternatives to the RPO and discuss the consequences." She invited a friend, as he had offered "to facilitate the discussions on this issue."

    Shame on the commissioner. She never asked for any alternatives; it was the old dog-and-pony show. There was no discussion. The crowd was steamrolled, despite overwhelming opposition. Even the facilitator was excluded. The commissioner came to talk, not listen.

    We are sick and tired of lies, deception and kowtowing to City Council and developers at our expense. The Rural Residential Protection Ordinance protects the city and developers, not the 948 people who live here. Since Area 1 is scheduled for annexation in 2013, what's her rush, and why can't we be included in the process?

    David Risser

    Santa Fe