Monday, August 10, 2009



The next step in the City's Annexation of Area 1 is the Extraterritorial Land Use Commission (ELUC) meeting THURSDAY, August 13, at 6 PM at the County Chambers 102 Grant Street.
The public meeting is to adopt new zoning, subdivision, and higher density regulations that the City approved in May. The public can speak and request a delay or changes. All Area 1 residents are urged to attend; the annexation process is rapidly going forward. Area 1 will become subject to City ordinance 30 days after August 28 - even though the area will not be formally annexed until 2012/13.

There are serious zoning, density, and other changes that will impact Area 1. Many other areas have serious concerns, please spread the word. This is a must-attend meeting, a large and vocal turnout just might influence the Commission to delay or consider changes to the Ordinance.

You can also take a moment now to contact the Committee Members:ELUA here; ELUC here, County and City here. Also contact our County representative Commissioner Vigil: , 995-2755.

Write a letter to the editor at the Santa Fe New Mexican, here is a direct link to submitt a letter.
Contact your neighbors. Organize your neighborhood. Protect your neighborhood!

The next critical meeting is the Extraterritorial Land Use Authority (ELUA) on August 27, also at 102 Grant at 6PM. Stay tuned.

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  1. Please - everyone, let's attend and show our concerns!!