Saturday, August 15, 2009


Despite overwhelming public opposition, the ELUC voted to recommend that the City adopt the SPAZO ordinance including the increased densities for Area 1.

Thank again for everyone that came to the meeting, we made an impressive argument for our cause. THE BATTLE IS NOT OVER!

There are other developments taking place, so our coalition is still working with County and State officials - stay tuned. This is a long and difficult road, and the other side had a formidable head start, but as they say, "it's not over until it's over".

Watch here for updates, and let's prepare for the ELUA meeting August 27. Continue to contact the people involved on this: ELUC here, County and City here. Also contact our County representative Commissioner Vigil: , 995-2755./

Write a letter to the editor at the Santa Fe New Mexican, here is a direct link to submit a letter.
Contact your neighbors. Organize your neighborhood. Protect your neighborhood!

REMEMBER: The next critical meeting is the Extraterritorial Land Use Authority (ELUA) on August 27, also at 102 Grant at 6PM. Stay tuned.

Thank you!

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