Friday, June 26, 2009


The City of Santa Fe today posted notice of Community Outreach Meetings To Discuss Annexation Area Planning, Zoning and Subdivision Regulations and Map. The open meetings are all scheduled for the Southside Library, 6599 Jaguar Drive.

NOTE: The "Rural Residential" definition as described on the notice map HAS ALREADY BEEN REVISED BY THE CITY TO ALLOW 3 AND UP TO 5 DWELLINGS PER ACRE.

Dates and Times

Monday, June 29, 2009

Open House: 4 - 5:30 PM

Presentation/Discussion: 5:30-7 PM

Monday, July 6

Open House: 4 - 5:30 PM

Presentation/Discussion: 5:30-7 PM

Monday, July 13

Open House: 4-5:30 PM

Presentation/Discussion: 5:30-7 PM

It is imperative we turn out in large numbers to each meeting. This will be our first (and probably only) opportunity to voice our concerns in a public forum. Dramatic changes have already been made that will be contrary to the original agreement, which stated: "The Rural Residential District is intended to respect the existing rural residential character of the area and prevent urban densities".

Further, the City and County HAVE ALREADY AGREED to assign all land use decisions to the City, to be effective imminently - EVEN LONG BEFORE WE ARE FORMALLY ANNEXED.

Stay tuned. More to come!

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  1. Lets get Coss OUT!

    THe Annexation will be a total mess.

    The police department will soon crumble with the weak administration put in place (buddy system once again).

    The fire department does not back the new fire chief who is not qualified.

    This "safe haven" for illegals that Coss has created has ruined