Sunday, June 21, 2009


Just a little over a week after the City passed a delayed budget, new finance numbers have come to light that show a severe stain on City services. See the full article from the SF New Mexican here.

"The drop in revenues means about $1 million less in city coffers for the next fiscal year, according to a Friday announcement. The news means the city manager will freeze all hiring, promotions and transfers of permanent nonsafety employees for 30 days. Manager Galen Buller will also begin meeting with senior staff members on "contingency planning" to identify ways the city could balance the budget given the new details".

Still, no discussion whatsoever as to how the City proposes to service the areas it intends to annex, some staring this year.

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  1. The annexation areas will cost more money to administer. The hard part is that without adequate river crossings and going up hill on West Alameda it is difficult for police to access these areas as well as a big fire truck or for that matter a garbage truck attendant trying to throw trash bags up hill into the truck---all of it is more expensive for the city to provide services. Look at the distance between houses and the "independent spirit" of neighbors who don't want to be a part of the CITY----why annex? Increasing the tax base does not come without consequences.....