Friday, June 19, 2009

Planning Commission denies Northwest Quadrant project

The City Planning Commission has denied the City's own Master Plan for the Northwest Quadrant development. There has been vigorous opposition from the local neighborhood, and we should take heart that opposition can have effect.

The City was proposing for variances from its own codes. So even as we are now being promised one thing or another, remember that the City believes it can always change the rules for its benefit. See quote below from SF New Mexican:

Commission member Estevan Gonzales also opposed the requested variances. "After all, how can the city ask developers including the state and the county . . . to abide by the code and then turn around and ask us planning commissioners to turn around and grant major variances to the code?" he said. "We have spent an enormous amount of resources on this plan that falls short of the many expectations, including mine."

Next up: Rural Residential Zoning to be heard at June 25 ELUA meeting, 6 PM at 102 Grant St. We need a large turn out!

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