Thursday, May 21, 2009


'Confusing' city budget now in council's court

As the City rushes headlong into annexation of 10,000 acres and countless numbers of households, while assuring everyone that City services will be available, in fact the City is looking to cut its budget. See today's Santa Fe New Mexican article.

"Councilors who are not on the Finance Committee, but who attended the meeting, also seemed divided. Councilor Rosemary Romero said the effort was the city's "best foot forward," while Councilor Ron Trujillo said he questioned cuts to public safety programs in light of the city's plans to annex thousands of additional acres over the next five years."

In reality, there are NO PLANS for fire, police, transportation, etc. in the Annexation plan.

And, the Albuqerque Journal has a grimmer take: "The city's Finance Committee couldn't settle on a budget recommendation Wednesday night for the upcoming July 1-June 30 fiscal year, raising questions about whether the city will be able to meet a June 1 deadline for submitting its plans to the state. Committee members did send a proposed budget forward to the May 27 City Council meeting, but without suggesting whether they thought it deserved to be approved or not. Councilors complained that they weren't offered a wide enough range of budget-cutting scenarios, that they were given few ideas that would shake up the status quo, and that it took too long to get some information they requested. "

Get informed. Get involved.

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