Thursday, May 28, 2009


The ELUA is meeting this Today, Thursday, 6 PM at 102 Grant Street, and the annexation issue is on the agenda.We have also been invited to meet with Commissioner Vigil and County Attorney Steve Rosson Thursday, May 28, @ 4pm in the County Legal Conference room, 102 Grant Ave, regarding the Rural Protection Ordinance.

Meanwhile, last night the City Council voted to postpone the City budget. Further budget cuts are necessary and the City will not meet the June 1 filing deadline.

" Councilors Rebecca Wurzburger, Ron Trujillo, Matthew Ortiz, Patti Bushee and Carmichael Dominguez voted in favor of the postponement and cuts, while Councilors Rosemary Romero and Miguel Chavez dissented. Councilor Chris Calvert, who said last week that he thought at least part of the proposed budget could be approved, did not attend Wednesday's meeting."
Said Mayor Coss: " This city has never done anything like this since the Great Depression. We are reducing $13 million". " ---Albuquerque Journal North


  1. The Council lacks confidence in the work (i.e., the numbers produced) of the City Manager and Finance Director while the Mayor seems to have his mind on something else. Two things this implies:

    1. Replace the City Manager and Finance Director.

    2. Be cautious in entering into new major commitments until they have confidence in the numbers.

    Of course this is what they are doing, right?

  2. Thee City is moving full speed ahead to annex 10,000 acres.

    As noted above:Council wants further "cuts" to be "safe" and yet they are still thinking of pay raises for the union employees.

    So, how will the City service and protect 10,000 more acres?