Sunday, May 31, 2009


See Councilor Romero's reaction to the Santa Fe New Mexican's recent editorial in today's paper. Note how she omits the central facts, including the fact that the PRESTO CHANGO happened behind closed doors and without public homeowner input and allows 3 DU per and 5 with "affordable housing". Further, these areas are now under City authority, even before annexation, with out a voice in City elections.

Also see related article about the Northwest Quadrant plan. We have many friends in that area that have been engaged in opposing the City's plan. Note a new provision in the plan "Other options include creating a public-improvement district for residents of the project who would pay up to $98 per month in additional taxes on top of homeowner association fees". The City planner told us in a meeting "the City really never does that".

Stay involved and stay informed.


  1. Kathy McCormick simply will not let this project go. She continues to drag this in front of the community over and over again. The land in the northwest quadrant is best left undeveloped as a legacy for future generations.

    Santa Fe has been grossly over developed using buzz words like infill and affordable housing during the Coss administration. Another development is unnecessary, particularly by our city government. Vote no to another Coss administration, for his inability to rein in staff like McCormick who seem to possess no common sense.

  2. Why are we even considering such a thing? If it has to be developed with grants and additional homeowners dues and on and on and on - what is the point? Moreso, why has the NWQ been fenced off? Are unnamed parties just going to go ahead and do what they want? I for one would like to know what the future plans are for the old dump and the dog park. As soon as someone starts to build, homeowners are going to whine about the barking and the cars. How do the presence of these two existing areas interface with the development plan. There are many of us who don't want the area developed at all - shall I say it again? WE DON'T WANT ANY MORE TACKY FRAME STUCCO HOUSES THAT COST HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO BUILD AND THAT DO NOT ADDRESS AFFORDABLE AND SUSTAINABLE LIVING SPACES TO GRACE OUR HILLS. For my part, I do think we should shut the door to further development. Santa Fe has been ruined already by morons who come here bringing the same personalities and problems they want to leave behind. If Kathy McCormick needs a project, let her finish the one off HWY 14 that is bankrupt and for God's sake leave the northside alone.