Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, as we know, last week the City passed a new Rural Residential Zoning Ordinance established greater number of units and density per acre. The "old" plan remains on all City/County materials and websites, with the "old" zoning. This discrepancy was pointed out at yesterday's RPA meeting - the public does not have access to the new RR Zoning.

It was just brought to our attention by an astute member that there is a legal ad in today's classifieds for the ordinance passed by City Council last week. See page E-5 of the New Mexican. It states that the ordinance was approved and is available at ; "click on Government CityClerk/Ordinances."

So I just followed the instructions in the legal ad, but the webpage ends with ordinance 2009-11. Number 12 is the previous RR ordinance, so none of the new stuff is posted yet, even though the legal ad says it is. Isn't that deceptive advertising?

Please contact the City to complain:
City Attorney
City Clerk

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  1. I have a call in to the city clerk's office. The staffer there told me "it can take awhile to get things signed," etc. but I told her I don't think it's okay to publicize false information