Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dear All:
Thank you for those who attended today's RPA meeting. In all, we had 5 people speak in opposition to the revised zoning and density amendments.
In brief, City Councilors Bushee and Wertzberger seemed annoyed by our presence. At one point, Bushee, in a thinly veiled threat, said that the city was under no obligation to create a Rural Residential designation, and that our area could be subject to a R5 designation. Basically, a "take it or leave it" threat.
County Commissioner Virgina Vigil did advocate for us. She has proposed to hold outreach to our community - and I URGE EVERYONE TO TAKE PART.
A stunning revelation was the fact that, upon approval of the Zoning and Density regulations (as a reminder: 3 per acre; up to 5 with "affordable housing") WE WILL BE SUBJECT TO CITY PLANNING EVEN BEFORE WE ARE FORMALLY ANNEXED. Thus, we will be governed by the City while at the same time we have no voice in City government.
Coalition members have informally agreed that we should explore legal representation. We will be updating you on this regularly.
Next up: ELUA meeting next Thursday. Will advise as soon as agenda is posted. STAY INVOLVED. Please continue to forward these emails and spread the word, our numbers are our only advantage.

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    (H) Rural Residential District (RR)
    Purpose and Intent

    The Rural Residential District is intended to respect the existing rural residential character of the area and prevent urban densities.

    How can the City justify 3-5 DU per acre as "respecting existing rural character"????