Monday, May 18, 2009


UPDATE: The RPA is a city/county commission, and they are meeting Tuesdsay, May 19 to hear about the City's new Ordinance that could allow up to 5 units PER ACRE in our neighborhood. I urge anyone who can to attend, it is the first major item on the agenda so should be up right after 4.

We are gaining momemtum. Several neighbors have come forward to join us. SPREAD THE WORD!

Hello All:

The Regional Planning Authority is meeting this Tuesday at 4pm at City Hall and will be getting an update on Annexation and the Rural Protection Ordinance by Jeannie Price. I am working on more details and will let everyone know ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who has been responding, we are really starting to get a coalition together. Our numbers and determination will be our only weapons as we take on the deep-pockets and insider-connected subdivision lobby.


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