Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Invitation to join the United Communities of Santa Fe County

I am William Mee, President of the Agua Fria Village Association, and I know the results of the Santa Fe City Council meeting on last Wednesday night are tough to swallow. Especially, in light of the last minute deal to co-opt the intent and meaning of the Rural Residential Ordinance. One of our Association's founding members (Olivia Tsosie, who died in 2007) proposed this ordinance in 1992-93. I don't have any quick fixes to the problem and we in Agua Fria have been fighting with the City of Santa Fe since 1895.But I do want to invite you to join the United Communities of Santa Fe County it is a new group that formed in March to serve the common interests of traditional and rural communities, neighborhood associations, acequia and water associations, and other groups.Our mission is as follows:
“The United Communities of Santa Fe County shall serve as a united voice for the interests and needs of communities in Santa Fe County and be an effective guide and adviser to government agencies to achieve the coordinated and combined goals of our communities.”
I know it is going to be hard to be thinking about joining another organization, or even attending another meeting, when you are involved in the fight of your lives against City annexation and the impacts on your quality of life. But perhaps bringing your plight to the table can get others thinking about how unfair it is.This is our agenda for the Thursday meeting:
United Communities of Santa Fe County
6-8:00 p.m., May 21, 2009
Nancy Rodriguez Community Center*


1. “Privatizing Public Information” – letter to County on proposed Ordinance for May 26th BCC meeting.
2. Finalize the UCSFC formal review document of the
Growth Management Plan Charette Report--- presented by Eduardo Krasilovsky ( and his committee.
3. Comments on UCSFC Guiding Principles - Core Values.
4. Brief announcement on 400th Anniversary celebration of the City of Santa Fe.
5. Other Matters

Rep. Jim Trujillo expressed interest in attending.

* = NOTE: The Nancy Rodriguez Community Center is on County Road 62 (the Caja del Oro Grant Road) just off of State Road 599 and the NRCC is at #1 Prairie Dog Loop. It is the green pitched roof across from the Agua Fria Fire Station.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. Thanks for reading this.

William Mee

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