Saturday, May 16, 2009


On Thursday night the Extraterritorial Land Use Commission met to approve an Ordinance that would have affected our zoning designation under the City/County Annexation plan. Here is the original Ordinance, The original maps are available here.

At the meeting, the City Staff introduced a new Ordinance, which was passed by the City Council Wednesday and was the subject of the urgent notices to the community Wednesday night.

A key change was the gutting of RR "Rural Residential" designation. The original RR designation stipulated: 1 dwelling per 2.5 acres if on well and septic; 1 dwelling per acre if on City water OR sewer; 2 dwellings per acre if on BOTH City water and sewer. The "new" Ordinance gutted this and could allow three to the acre instead of two, plus with the "affordable housing density bonuses", which, with clustering, could end up in some areas with 5 dwellings PER ACRE.

See this article from The Santa Fe New Mexican.

There was a large turn out at the ELUC hearing Thursday night. The public was unanimous in opposition, no one spoke in favor of the NEW zoning changes. The Commission agreed that insufficient notice and explanation has been provided to home and business owners in the affected area - areas as diverse as Airport Road, around the Country Club, the south-side, the area between Agua Fria and 599, and more.

The commission agreed to a 3 month delay for public hearing and information. THIS IS OUR CHANCE. It is time to organize our coalitions and have a voice in this process. Here are contacts for the City Council and the County Commissioners.

Please contact for further information, and stay tuned.

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