Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Posted at 12 Noon, May 19 ---
Will the public have the opportunity to address the "Update on the Annexation Settlement Agreement" at today's RPA meeting?

When I tried to get a simple answer to the simple question of whether or not the public may speak today, the answer wasn't simple. On one hand, there is a place on the agenda for "communications from the public or agencies," as was pointed out to me by a County land use staffer. But when I asked whether the public can directly speak to an information item, she wasn't sure; I asked if the policy governing whether or not the public can do so is in writing somewhere. Yes, there's a Rules of Order ordinance. She is trying to find it.

No matter what, we will have representation at the meeting. Stay tuned.

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  1. I have been trying all day without success to get a definite answer to the question of whether the public is permitted to participate in the informational section of the meeting today, dealing with the update on the annexation settlement agreement. Where is it written--or not--that the public cannot participate? I've heard that it is "informational only," which to me implies that no particular action is taken, but how does that justify preventing the public from participating--or does it? This is a separate issue from item V "communications from the public or agencies." For those of us trying to use our time efficiently, this muddiness has been really frustrating. Since the city adopted the amendment to the ordinance, any previous publicizing of the ordinance has been rendered irrelevant, since the amendment changed it so drastically. The public has not been presented with the amended ordinance in a venue in which we can examine and comment on it. Is that what this RPA meeting is supposed to be today, or not